The Governance and Sustainability Committee

The Governance and Sustainability Committee is responsible for, among other things, assisting and advising the Board of Directors with: (i) the identification of the criteria, professional and personal qualifications for candidates to serve as Directors, (ii) periodical assessment of the size and composition of the Board of Directors, (iii) periodical assessment of the functioning of individual Directors and reporting on this to the Board of Directors, (iv) proposals for appointment of executive and non-executive Directors, (v) supervision of the selection criteria and appointment procedure for senior management, (vi) monitoring and evaluating reports on the Group’s sustainable development policies and practices, management standards, strategy, performance and governance globally, and (vii) reviewing, assessing and making recommendations as to strategic guidelines for sustainability-related issues, and reviewing the annual Sustainability Report.

The Governance and Sustainability Committee currently consists of Mr. Elkann (Chairman), Ms. Wheatcroft and Ms. Simmons. The Governance and Sustainability Committee is elected by the Board of Directors and is comprised of at least three Directors. No more than two members may be non-independent, and at most one of the members may be an executive Director.

In addition, as described above, the charters of the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Governance and Sustainability Committee set forth independence requirements for their members for purposes of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Audit Committee members are also required to qualify as independent for purposes of NYSE rules and Rule 10A-3 of the Exchange Act.

Since October 12, 2014 to the year-end the Governance and Sustainability Committee did not have any meeting.