Mass-Market Vehicle Brands

We design, engineer, develop, manufacture, distribute and sell vehicles and service parts under 11 mass-market brands and designations. We believe that we can continue to increase our vehicle sales by building the value of our mass-market brands in particular by ensuring that each of our brands has a clear identity and market focus. In connection with our multi-year effort to clearly define each of our brands’ identities, we have launched several advertising campaigns that have received industry accolades. We are reinforcing our effort to build brand value by ensuring that we introduce new vehicles with individualized characteristics that remain closely aligned with the unique identity of each brand.


AbarthAbarth, named after the company founded by Carlo Abarth in 1949, specializes in performance modification for on-road sports cars since the brand’s re-launch in 2007 through performance modifications on classic Fiat models such as the 500 (including the 2012 launch of the Fiat 500 Abarth) and Punto, as well as limited edition models that combine design elements from luxury brands such as the 695 Edizione Maserati and 695 Tributo Ferrari, for consumers seeking customized vehicles with steering and suspension geared towards racing.


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo, founded in 1910, and part of the Group since 1986, is known for a long, sporting tradition and Italian design. Vehicles currently range from the three door premium MiTo and the lightweight sports car, the 4c, to the compact car, the Giulietta. The Alfa Romeo brand is intended to appeal to drivers seeking high-level performance and handling combined with attractive and distinctive appearance.



ChryslerChrysler, named after the company founded by Walter P. Chrysler in 1925, aims to create vehicles with distinctive design, craftsmanship, intuitive innovation and technology standing as a leader in design, engineering and value, with a range of vehicles from mid-size sedans (Chrysler 200) to full size sedans (Chrysler 300) and minivans (Town & Country).




With a traditional focus on “muscle car” performance vehicles, the Dodge brand, which began production in 1914, offers a full line of cars, CUVs and minivans, mainly in the mid-size and large size vehicle market, that are sporty, functional and innovative, intended to offer an excellent value for families looking for high performance, dependability and functionality in everyday driving situations. 



FiatFiat brand cars have been produced since 1899. The brand has historically been strong in Europe and the LATAM region and is currently primarily focused on the mini and small vehicle segments. Current models include the mini-segment 500 and Panda and the small-segment Punto. The brand aims to make cars that are flexible, easy to drive, affordable and energy efficient. The brand reentered the U.S. market in 2011 with the 500 model and, in 2013, the 500L model. Fiat continued expansion of the 500 family, with the introduction of the 500X crossover, which debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 2014. Fiat also recently launched the new Uno and the new Palio in the LATAM region.


Fiat Professional

Fiat ProfessionalFiat Professional, launched in 2007 to replace the “Fiat Veicoli Commerciali” brand, offers light commercial vehicles and MPVs ranging from large vans (capable of carrying up to 4.2 tons) such as the Ducato, to panel vans such as the Doblò and Fiorino for commercial use by small to medium size business and public institutions. Fiat Professional vehicles are often readily fitted as ambulances, tow trucks, school buses and people carriers (especially suitable for narrow streets) and as recreational vehicles such as campers and motor homes, where Fiat Professional is the market leader



JeepJeep, founded in 1941, is a globally recognized brand focused exclusively on the SUV and off-road vehicles market. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV ever. The brand’s appeal builds on its heritage associated with the outdoors and adventurous lifestyles, combined with the safety and versatility features of the brand’s modern vehicles. Jeep introduced the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee in October 2013 and recently unveiled the Jeep Renegade, a small segment SUV designed in the U.S. and manufactured in Italy. Jeep set an all-time brand record in 2014 with over one million vehicles sold.



LanciaLancia, founded in 1906, and part of the Fiat Group since 1969, covers the spectrum of small segment cars and is targeted towards the Italian market.



RamRam, established as a standalone brand separate from Dodge in 2009, offers a line of full-size trucks, including light- and heavy-duty pick-up trucks such as the Ram 1500 pick-up truck, which recently became the first truck to be named Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year” for two consecutive years, and cargo vans. By investing substantially in new products, infusing them with great looks, refined interiors, durable engines and features that further enhance their capabilities, we believe Ram has emerged as a market leader in full size pick-up trucks. Ram customers, from half-ton to commercial, have a demanding range of needs and require their vehicles to provide high levels of capability.


We also leverage the more than 75-year history of the Mopar brand to provide a full line of service parts and accessories for our mass-market vehicles worldwide. As of December 31, 2014, we had 50 parts distribution centers throughout the world to support our customer care efforts in each of our regions. Our Mopar brand accessories allow our customers to customize their vehicles by including after-market sales of products from side steps and lift-kits, to graphics packages, such as racing stripes, and custom leather interiors. Further, through the Mopar brand, we offer vehicle service contracts to our retail customers worldwide under the “Mopar Vehicle Protection” brand, with the majority of our service contract sales in 2014 in the U.S. and Europe. Finally, our Mopar customer care initiatives support our vehicle distribution and sales efforts in each of our mass-market segments through 27 call centers located around the world.