Subsequent Events and 2015 Outlook

Subsequent events

The Group has evaluated subsequent events through March 5, 2015, which is the date the financial statements were authorized for issuance. There were no subsequent events.

2015 Outlook

The Group indicates the following guidance for 2015:

  • Worldwide shipments in 4.8 to 5.0 million unit range;
  • Net revenues of ~€108 billion;
  • EBIT(*) in €4.1 to €4.5 billion range;
  • Net Income(*) in €1.0 to €1.2 billion range, with EPS(**) in €0.64 to €0.77 range;
  • Net Industrial Debt in €7.5 billion to €8.0 billion range.

Figures do not include any impacts for the previously announced capital transactions regarding Ferrari.

(*) Excluding eventual unusual items

(**) EPS calculated including the MCS conversion at minimum number of shares at 222 million.

March 5, 2015   

The Board of Directors

John P. Elkann
Sergio Marchionne
Andrea Agnelli
Tiberto Brandolini
D’Adda Glenn Earle
Valerie Mars Ruth
J. Simmons
Ronald L. Thompson
Patience Wheatcroft
Stephen M. Wolf
Ermenegildo Zegna