Materiality Analysis

FCA’s sustainability reporting focuses on topics that have been determined to be material in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (G4) framework (“Material Aspects are those that reflect the organization’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts; or substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders”, Global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Reporting Guidelines- G4, pg. 7).

In 2014, material topics identified in prior years were subjected to a thorough review and the FCA materiality diagram was updated accordingly (The materiality analysis was carried out in accordance with the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard guidelines for the steps relating to the identification, mapping and prioritization of stakeholders, and to the analysis of the results of their involvement. The guidance notes on Accountability and the criteria defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4) were also followed with regard to outlining an approach to the materiality principle and the identification of material issues). In addition to the results from our stakeholder engagement activities, the determination of materiality also took into account strategic priorities, corporate values, competitive activities and social expectations.

An analysis of the scope of each material aspect confirmed that it has impacts throughout the entire organization and across all operating segments and regions. In addition, each aspect has impacts outside the organization in geographical areas where the Group operates and for all stakeholder categories identified.

Materiality diagram