During the year, the Group continued its program of replacing electronic office equipment (computers, monitors and printers) with energy-efficient equipment certified by Energy Star, as well as the migration from physical to virtual servers. For the period 2010-2014, these initiatives led to a reduction of more than 33,400 tons of CO2 emissions.

New and existing initiatives provided the opportunity for employee involvement and training on issues relating to personal health, the environment (waste management, water consumption, energy savings) and good practices in the workstation environment. The ultimate objective of these initiatives is to generate awareness of sustainable practices applicable both in the office and at home. One example is the Better Office initiative - implemented at various facilities in Italy and covering approximately 2,300 employees - through which employees are given tips on sustainable practices in the office and at home via information leaflets, videos and signage. In 2015, the initiative will be extended to other sites and countries.

Another initiative is the Zero Waste to Landfill program instituted at the FCA US Headquarters and Technology Center in Auburn Hills (Michigan, U.S.), where more than 14,600 people work. Of a total 7,626 tons of waste generated at the Auburn Hills complex during 2014, zero waste was disposed of via landfill.

At the same site, in 2014, manual cooling demand-matching controls were replaced with automatic controls, reducing annual electricity consumption by 12 million kWh, eliminating 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions and saving over €525,000.