Responsibility to local communities

The Group actively contributes to the advancement of local communities through initiatives that, in line with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Guidelines for Investment in Local Communities, are also consistent with the characteristics and positioning of the Group and its brands. Depending on the scope and level of financial commitment, projects are approved and managed either centrally or locally by the relevant plant, company or brand.

Initiatives primarily target communities around the Group’s industrial sites and, from time to time, also include responses to natural disasters in other geographic areas. Social initiatives primarily take the form of investment in targeted projects, planned in collaboration with local stakeholders, which contribute to the long-term development of the local community. In addition to monetary contributions, the Group’s investment also often includes employees volunteering their time and knowledge on projects that address community development, education, the environment and basic social needs.

Particular attention has been given to educational initiatives, which accounted for 52.9% of more than €24 million contributed in 2014, as education is vital to the sustainable development and quality of life in local communities. The Group has set specific targets for 2020 to advance education and training among youth, with a particular focus on programs designed to expand science, technology, engineering and math skills and opportunities, including initiatives that address innovation, mobility and environmental issues.

Specific indicators are used to measure the impact and effectiveness of local community initiatives and identify opportunities for further development.