Annual Report

Letter from the Chairman


2014 was a major turning point in our history. With the decision announced on the first of January, we gave life to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a new global automotive player with the necessary resources to achieve solid, responsible and sustainable long-term growth.

The targets set out in the strategic plan that was presented to analysts and investors by FCA’s management team in Auburn Hills last May clearly demonstrate the level of our determination. To some, they may seem difficult if not impossible to achieve. But, as in the past, we are prepared to embrace this challenge and measure ourselves by the results.

One of the first results we are pleased to report is that worldwide shipments in 2014 increased to a total of more than 4.6 million vehicles. Of particular note were the results achieved by Jeep, which posted an all-time annual sales record of more than 1 million vehicles, and Maserati, which celebrated its 100th anniversary with the best results in its history.

Letter from the Chief Executive Officer


Our Group has just closed a truly momentous year that included: the acquisition of the remaining non-controlling interest in Chrysler; the formation of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – the world’s seventh-largest automaker; the debut of our shares on the NYSE; our return to the U.S. equity markets; record sales for both Jeep and Maserati; and Alfa Romeo’s return to North America after a 20-year absence.

We presented an ambitious five-year plan to grow our business and continue building an extraordinary enterprise with even greater potential to deliver sustainable long-term value.

To further enhance shareholder value, we also announced our plan to spin Ferrari off from FCA, list it on the stock exchange and distribute FCA’s remaining Ferrari shares to FCA shareholders. We believe this course will give Ferrari the necessary independence, as well as ensuring it a solid platform for future growth opportunities.

2014 Key Financial Highlights

A year with strong performance in line with full-year guidance


Committed to meeting the mobility needs of customers


Among the world’s leading companies in terms of combined economic, environmental and social performance.